Why professional cleaning is so recommended and better than with materials at hand?

Many customers ask this question and it takes a single procedure for them to see the difference. The result is at least twice better even if the housekeeper has experience in cleaning. In addition to this, when a rug or curtain, for instance, is cleaned by professional cleaners the risk of damages like tearing or shrinking is minimum. Last, but not least, using exert detergents is not just risk-free, but more certain for stain and dirt elimination. Add to these, the bonus for you to save some time for funnier and more useful things and professional cleaning becomes a must.

How much and when can I pay?

All commercial and domestic cleaning services we provide are hourly-based. The price depends on the duration of time the cleaners will need to sanitize the item. This is why the cleaners visit your property in advance and after inspection, provide you with free quotation. If you agree, they come to clean in the arranged day. You pay when the procedure is performed. The price is with VAT, insurance, cleaning equipment, free cleaning tip included. Consultation and visitations in advance are also free.

When can I use the cleaned item again?

Whether you have your rug, curtains, sofa or upholstery cleaned, it depends on the cleaning method we use when you can use it again. If dry cleaning method is applied, the item is usable immediately. Hot water extraction method requires up to 3 hours for drying. You can require quick dry system upon request at a small fee, too. Floors are usually usable at once. If no, we give you instructions and preventive measures.

How can I be sure that you the cleaners will come, when it is convenient for me?

Our professional cleaning company is flexible. The cleaners are understanding and helpful. We can come before, after, during working hours. We are available for after-hours working, too. All of our domestic and commercial cleaning services are offered round the entire year. There is no extra charging for weekends or holidays. You can also apply for same-day and emergency reservations. In addition to these, there is no need for you to remain in the property. We organize key pick-up and delivery.

Are your cleaning services safe?

All of our top rated cleaning services are certified and tested, conducted with the EU and national hygiene standards. We use no chemical substances, but only pet- and kid-safe solutions. The cleaners are insured and in case of any damage or loss, we cover them all.

For further questions, feel free to write to info@sbclean.co.uk or call us directly at 020 7946 0813.

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